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Message from the Director

  For more than three decades, Read College has exemplified excellence in Language education. From an emphasis on the public sector, to information technology to a focus on emerging economies, Read College has traversed many boundaries to develop its own expertise in Language education and research. In 2008 we developed a shared vision of the Institute which will help us position Read College with a strong bias for research. Pakistan is changing and so is the world and Read College is an exciting bridge to view these changes and actively engage in making history.
Pakistan is going through very interesting and challenging times both economically and socially. This gives us at Read College a vantage point that is most exciting for any researcher today - new assumptions, new questions, new theoretical constructs to explain many phenomena. While others study social entrepreneurship, it is our everyday context. While the world talks of sustainability, it is the bedrock of our inclusive development.  Pakistan  is creating its own new grounds of global learning and practice out of its own diversity, complexity and philosophy.  Pakistan  engagement with the world is dynamic and constantly evolving.

Our programmes are competitive to enter, challenging to go through and cutting-edge on relevance and rigour. Our response to changes in the society around us is research-based. Our models for issues of growth are development-oriented. Our ethos is defined by the ancient spirit of "vasudaiva kutumb" or, the world is one family. At Read College you experience the ancient and the modern fused together in a charming  Pakistan  reality. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an executive in an MNC or manage an NGO or run a government project, you will find the intellectual and social energy of Read College challenging your assumptions and driving you to think deeper and wider.


Our body of research and knowledge is based on the rich experience of our faculty. This makes our executive programmes and consulting engagements very enriching and action-oriented. Our programmes are a unique blend of strategic thinking and pragmatism in implementation. Students at Read College are some of the most sought after - they are bright and innovative, are grounded well in both theory and practice, have a ‘can do' attitude, have a holistic view of life and are caring citizens of this world. Our global partner schools and affiliates add to our richness and their students and faculty are enriched by the energy and the serenity of the 100-acre preserve that is Read College.
The vibrancy of Lahore, the Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship capital of  Pakistan , defines our landscape and our institutional energy. IT, BT, Avionics, Space, Machine tools, Garments, Hi-tech manufacturing, SMEs, Financial engineering, Health care, Retail - all converge to provide Read College a grand vista of developments and access to data, insights and people. Not a week goes by without top executives speaking on campus. We have forged rich research linkages that are enduring and intellectually stimulating.  Lahore is the most cosmopolitan city of the country. Our strength in supporting entrepreneurial education is premised on the large innovation driven ecosystem and the mentoring network of the city of  Lahore .

I welcome you to explore the wealth of opportunities at the  Pakistan  Institute of Management  Lahore .


Muhammad Shahid Naeem

Director, Read College

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